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Orange and Barclaycard launch NFC on the high street

Orange bets big on beeping
Orange bets big on beeping

Orange and Barclaycard have announced a partnership to finally make contactless payments a reality for the UK public.

The citric network has been talking about SIM-based near field communications technology (NFC) for a while, and is now popping it in the Samsung Tocco Lite Quick Tap edition.

This means that in places like Pret a Manger, EAT, Little Chef, Wembley Arena, Subway, Wilkinsons and McDonalds you can simply whip out the ageing handset and pay for any item under £15 using the device.

Can't talk darling, paying for lunch

Users can transfer up to £100 onto the Quick Tap app on the phone - although users will need to have a Barclaycard, Barclays debit card or Orange Credit Card to make the payments across, so still ruling out a large number of UK shoppers.

Orange has promised the technology will come to a wider range of (hopefully better) handsets, which is likely dependent on developing apps securely for further platforms, in the near future as it looks to make contactless payments a reality for all.

If you're at all bored at work today then perhaps you're looking for even the teeniest modicum of distraction - so check out the video of how the new service is going to work in real life: