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No credit? No problem for Orange callers

Orange pay as you go users can now make calls or send texts when credits have run out

Getting stuck with no credit on your mobile need no longer be a problem with Orange 's new Reserve Tank offer.

Introduced as part of Orange's latest Speak Easy pay as you go flat-rate option, Reserve Tank provides £2.50 of 'overdraft' credits once call credits have been used up. Users can still make calls and send texts, repaying the reserve next time they top up.

Orange's Speak Easy deal, launched today, charges a flat call-rate of 15p a minute for any standard number at any time. In addition, customers can choose 3 'Magic Numbers' (numbers they call most often) that are charged at 15p per hour.

The Orange Speak Easy deal also offers a bonus top-up scheme. The more users spend per month, the more free texts or airtime credit they get the following month. This scales up from £1 (or 50 texts) on a £10 top-up to a £25 call bonus (or 1,000 texts) for a £50 top-up. Online deals at offer more bonus extras.