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Budget Alcatel handsets hit Carphone Warehouse

Yours for just £40 each
Yours for just £40 each

Carphone Warehouse has announced that it will be stocking two Alcatel handsets, costing no more than £30 each plus £10 of credit.

The touchscreen option, the Alcatel OT710, also comes with additional covers which are exclusive to the retailer.

You'd be right not to expect too much for £30; Bluetooth, GPRS, Opera Mini, a music player and a 2MP camera is pretty much your lot, but you can expand storage with a microSD card up to 8GB.

Girl's best friend

If touchscreens aren't your bag, the Alcatel OT799 comes with a full physical QWERTY keypad in candybar form.

Other than the abundance of buttons, the OT799 is very similar to the touchscreen handset with a 2MP camera and conference call-ability.

It is even described in the press release as "a girl's best friend," which is a serious downgrade from diamonds, to be honest.

The two handsets are not quite as cheap as Carphone's 1p Alcatel OT-209, but you do get a little bit more bang for your buck.