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Smartphone sales 'to hit 300 million by 2013'

iPhone - leading the way for smartphones
iPhone - leading the way for smartphones

Analysts at Juniper believe that sales of smartphones will rise to over 300 million by 2013.

Although the mobiles industry is currently struggling against the credit crunch, with forecasts being revised in the wake of the economic meltdown, Juniper believes that sales of higher end phones will be a major factor in the recovery.

The report suggests that sales of smartphones will rise by a massive 95 per cent to hit the 300 million mark between now and 2013, capturing 23 per cent of the entire mobile phone market.

Web demand

Fairly obviously, Juniper also suggests that it is the demand for web-enabled handsets that is driving popularity.

"The process of evolving mobile phones into internet-centric, highly personalised mobile computers is well underway," said the report's author Andrew Kitson

"Changes in the design and form of mobile devices, such as the inclusion of large touch-based displays, have been taken to their limits.

"Looking ahead, the shape and form of next-generation devices will most likely be led by software and content, rather than hardware, as vendors such as Nokia strive to make their devices highly personalised and rooted firmly in the online environment. "