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RIM launches App Store rival

Blackberry opens its own app store
Blackberry opens its own app store

RIM has decided its game against the other mobile phone manufacturers needs to be upped, and has come out with its own application store.

The Application Storefront (or Application Center on BlackBerry handsets) will give users access to a whole host of different programs tailored for its BlackBerry handset.

The service will go live from March next year, and developers will be able to submit apps from December 2008.


Developers who successfully flog their applications to the public will take home 80 per cent of the revenue generated from the sale, which is better then certain other application store owners.

RIM is also working network carriers to offer tailored applications too, which have been partially demonstrated by the mobile versions of Facebook and MySpace.

"The new BlackBerry application storefront and BlackBerry application centers will further support the growing BlackBerry ecosystem and help bridge consumers with developers and carriers as more and more innovative and interesting applications arrive," said Mike Lazaridis Co-CEO of RIM.