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Mobiles to be our main web browsers by 2020

Will the iPhone be the grandfather of all PCs in the future?
Will the iPhone be the grandfather of all PCs in the future?

In one of those 'so obvious it hurts a bit' statements, apparently we'll have ditched the PC by 2020 for mobile phones.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project have had a quick travel into the next decade and a bit and found out what we're all up to, and it appears the Apple iPhone has the right idea.

Over 77 per cent of experts surveyed on the subject agreed that the internet would be a truly mobile experience in the near future, and over half agreed that virtual, or augmented, reality would play a much greater part as well.

Faster future

Given the fact that the likes of WiMAX and LTE, 4G technologies that can offer speeds of well over 50Mb/s wirelessly, are being deployed already, we can assume that wireless internet won't be difficult.

And if we consider how much the humble mobile has evolved in the last five years, let alone ten, then it's not unlikely that the world will be a much more connected and tech-filled place.

Oh, and more good news: 60 per cent of experts agreed that pesky copy controls on files will have been scrapped by 2020. More files for everyone!