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Augmented Reality 'to be a $1.5bn business by 2015'

AR - becoming a big business?
AR - becoming a big business?

Augmented reality through our mobile phones will be a business worth $1.5 billion (£928 million) by 2015, according to analysts Juniper Research.

The rise and rise of the smartphone has led to an explosion of handsets in the market that are capable of offering AR applications, putting a layer of augmentation over our everyday lives.

Juniper points to the likes of Qualcomm creating an AR-software development kit, Samsung pre-loading AR browsers in selected markets and AR-boosted mobile advertising from the likes of Coca Cola and Carlsberg as key factors in their predictions.

Public awareness

"One of the key benefits from this heightened activity is the fact that it generates press interest and public awareness: even if consumers don't necessarily understand how it works, they can see real life examples of AR in action," said report author Dr Windsor Holden.

"Likewise, it serves to generate wider interest amongst brands and developers who can see potential applications for AR technology; it educates the market."

Augmented Reality is certainly still in its infancy, although apps like Layar have proven that interest from the consumer is in place.