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iPod nano may get games and situation-sensitive screensavers

How will they cram all of this in?
How will they cram all of this in?

Apple looks to be overhauling the iPod nano as a new patent application describes how a host of new sensors could analyse surroundings in order to display relevant screensavers.

The patent references using a camera, motion sensor, temperature gauge and microphone in order to gather the information.

What this would equate to is a kind of mood ring nano; when it's sunny and hot, the screensaver could be a pair of sunglasses; when it's rainy, an umbrella.

The idea behind all this, presumably, is that you'd wear the Nano, making it as much a fashion accessory as a music player.

Fashion victim

Although the patent application makes no explicit mention of the iPod nano, all the technical drawings show a small square device which bears no physical relevance to any other Apple product.

It's not the first time there have been rumours that a new iPod nano could sport a camera; in early April a photo of a back panel for the new tiny terror surfaced, showing a clear hole for a camera lens.

It is the first time we've heard rumblings that the nano's functionality will be extended though, with games shown as an icon on the homescreen of one of the figures (below).

iPod nano patent

Via AppleInsider