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How to watch the Razer live stream: see the Razer Phone 2 launch

You can watch what Razer has to offer

Update: The Razer live stream video is embedded below via YouTube. You can watch the launch event online.

There's a Razer launch event happening in Los Angeles right now, and you can watch the official live stream to see what surprise are in order.

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We're fairly certain that, based on a flurry of rumors and leaks, that the Razer Phone 2 is due to launch. Around this time last year, we got the original Razer Phone (pictured above).

That may be the main focus of the Razer live stream, as it attempts to rise to the top of your growing best gaming phone list. eSports on mobile is becoming a thing.

The Razer live stream video

You can find the Razer live stream throughout the internet: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and on the official Razer website.

We'll update you with more information from the Los Angeles event when everything is announced. Razer got its start in perherpals, then moved on to Razer laptops, so while we fully expect the new Razer 2 Phone (especially after the telling Amazon leak today), there could be a flurry of news.