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The best Sony Xperia XZ3 deals in January 2021

It sometimes feels like Sony is just one great smartphone away from cracking the conundrum of a mobile phone market dominated by Samsung and iPhone. Its latest phone makes improvements once again on its lineage of flagship smartphones, and we're here to tell you the best Sony Xperia XZ3 deals.

So what has Sony done with the Xperia XZ3 to make it worth your while considering? For one, the screen is better than ever. The 6-inch display is packing OLED tech instead of the usual LCD panels. So it feels like Sony is now giving its smartphones the same kind of attention it does to its famous (and awesome) A1 TV range.

It's that screen that's the big hook and sets it apart from its predecessor, so its up to you whether that's enough to make you go for the XZ3 or take a look at our Sony Xperia XZ2 deals instead. But as far as new flagship phones go, the price is already much more affordable than the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS.

If you're still making up your mind, then scroll straight down to the bottom of this page for more information and specs on the Sony Xperia XZ3. Before that we have our up-to-the-minute price comparison to make sure that you don't miss out on the best contract XZ3 deals, as well as information on buying the new Sony outright.

Unlocked Sony Xperia XZ3 SIM-free deals

£699 is the RRP of the Sony Xperia XZ3, which is certainly cheaper than the most recent flurry of new iPhones. Before you plump for your contract, it could be wort doing a bit of shrewd maths and seeing whether it might save you some beans to splash the £700 now and combine the handset with one of these great SIM only deals.

Going SIMO means you're not tied into a 24-month contract, so you have the flexibility to change networks and plans with much more regularity. If that appeals, then check out the below comparison in the days and weeks to come. We'll add all the biggest retailers that are stocking the Sony Xperia XZ3 SIM-free there.

Sony Xperia XZ3 review in brief

Check out the screen on that Sony

Screen size: 6-inch
Resolution: 1440 x 2880
Rear camera: 19MP
Weight: 193g
OS: Android 9 Pie
Storage: 64GB
Battery: 3300mAh
Reasons to buy
+Awesome new screen+Design improvements+Powerful performance
Reasons to avoid
-Some weird feature placements

Where the XZ2 marked a clear departure from past generations of Sony smartphone flagships, the Xperia XZ3 seeks to build on that. Therefore, the feel and design isn't much different, with that curved glass design and sleek new colours.

The single lens main camera has the ability to shoot 4K HDR footage, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset paired with 4GB of RAM should cope with most modern mobile tasks and Sony has trimmed some weight off as well, but the clear stand out feature here is the vastly improved screen. Sony may only now be joining the OLED party, but it was well worth the wait - the QHD+ resolution and eye-popping colour range are absolutely stunning.

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