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The best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals in February 2021

Samsung Galaxy S8 deals have rapidly fallen down the chain when it comes to the phone giant's releases. Now with a S9, S10 and S20 range, the S8 has lost some of its cutting-edge ability it used to have.

Obviously with that in mind, we would advise checking out what is available from Samsung Galaxy S9 deals, Galaxy S10 deals or if you've got the cash to splash, Samsung Galaxy S20 deals.

Heart set on the S8? This handset is slowly starting to disappear from shelves with less and less retailers offering it - great news for fans of SIM-free prices...not so great for anyone who wants a contract.

Like the same fate old iPhone deals receive, we can't really imagine the S8 being around for all that much longer but if it is a device that you want, scroll down for more.

Filter and compare Samsung Galaxy S8 deals available in the UK:

Samsung Galaxy S8 review

The Galaxy S8 is a brilliant phone - another success for Samsung

Screen size: 5.8-inches
Resolution: 1440 x 2560
Rear camera: 12MP
Weight: 155g
OS: Android 7
Storage: 64GB
External storage: microSD up to 256GB
Battery: 3600mAh
Reasons to buy
+Amazing, large display+Huge power+Great camera
Reasons to avoid
-Irritating biometric unlocking

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung is getting nearer and nearer to smartphone perfection - so much so that the Galaxy S9 barely seems to have improved on it. The bezel-less design is something a little bit special in an area of tech that can sometimes feel like it's standing still. There are advancements with the splendid screen and fantastic 12MP camera, too.

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