Max cancels Tokyo Vice, and fans of the highly-rated crime series aren't happy

Ken Watanabe and Ansel Elgort in Tokyo Vice
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Max subscribers may be frustrated with the streaming service after the shocking news of an immediate subscription increase last week. Furious Max users have had their say about the recent price hike, criticising the streamer’s relative lack of content – and the same arguments are being made after its decision to cancel the show Tokyo Vice.

The series has had a short life, airing from 2022 to 2024. It followed Western journalist Jake Adelstein who worked for a publication in Tokyo, as he takes on one of the city's most powerful crime bosses. But it has now reached an end point, leaving many fans criticizing Max even further.

Speaking about the cancellation of what we rate as one of the best Max shows, a spokesperson for the streamer said (per Deadline): “From Tokyo Vice’s richly written material to the gorgeously composed shots to the lived-in performances, the care and creativity of this enormously talented cast and crew shines in every frame of the show. 

“We thank J.T., Alan, Ansel, Ken, Fifth Season, and Wowow for their partnership on this wholly unique modern noir thriller.”

Elsewhere, series creator J.T. Rogers and executive producer Alan Poul added: “The response from both the press and from fans, in particular to Season 2, has been overwhelming. It’s been thrilling to find out how deeply viewers have engaged with our characters, and to hear how they are clamoring for more.

“We know there is more story to tell. Of course we’ll see what the future holds, but we are indeed grateful to have been able to share this story on Max until now.”

Why are people angry about Tokyo Vice ending?

Tokyo Vice’s cancellation has further fuelled the fire for many disgruntled subscribers, who have taken to social media to complain about the lack of original content on the streaming service. With the creators admitting there could have been scope for season three, fans are disappointed the opportunity has been cut short.

Another argued that the series should move to Netflix, calling it “one of the most quality-driven shows in decades”, criticizing Max for an oversaturation of content but neglecting to focus on good-quality shows.

Right now, Tokyo Vice’s future is uncertain but it looks like its time on Max has come to an end. If it is picked up, it will likely go to one of the other best streaming services – after all, it wouldn't be the first cancelled Max show with killer reviews to find itself on Netflix.

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