Max shocks with an immediate subscription increase just before HBO’s House of the Dragon season 2 premiere

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If you were planning to sign up to Max to stream the new season of HBO’s House of the Dragon, then we have bad news: starting today (June 4), new subscribers will have to pay more to sign up to the streamer’s ad-free tiers. 

Max confirmed that the monthly Ad-Free plan will increase by $1 per month, making the new monthly price $16.99. Meanwhile, for anyone looking to pay yearly, it’ll go up by $20 per year, making it $169.99 annually.

Those looking to sign up to the Ultimate Ad-Free tier will also be seeing an increase of $1 a month and  $10 per year, making the new monthly price $20.99 and yearly price $209.99..

Max has confirmed that these prices are effective immediately for new subscribers, while existing customers will be notified 30 days in advance of their plan renewing. That means they’ll see their subscription price increase starting from their next billing cycle on or after Thursday, July 4. Current yearly subscribers will not see an increase until their next renewal.

The Max With Ads plan remains unchanged at $9.99/month or $99.99/year, making it a cheaper option for those who want to stay subscribed to Max without breaking the bank.

How have Max’s subscription plans changed? 

Here’s a reminder about each of the subscription tiers and what they offer: With Ads gives customers the chance to stream on two devices at once in Full HD, but of course, there’ll be adverts that interrupt the viewing experience.

Ad-Free plans also have the same multiple device allowance with Full HD, but there’s the added perk of 30 downloads to watch on the go when customers are offline. For those who want the works, I’d suggest going for the Ultimate-Ad Free package, which has the most perks out of them all.

This one allows customers to stream on four devices at once, making it a great choice for families or shared households. There’s also 4K Ultra HD video quality and Dolby Atmos immersive audio as available, plus 100 downloads to watch on the go.

The good news is, if you’re already an existing Max customer, there’s plenty for you to watch before the price increases take effect: here's the lowdown on everything new on Max in June 2024 – it’s romcom heavy this time around, if that’s your thing.

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