The first trailer for Alien: Romulus is here to wrap you in a chilling embrace of a horrifying face hug

Cailee Spaney's character holds a gun and looks around her in a spaceship in Alien: Romulus
Alien: Romulus looks like an updated version of 1979's Alien, and I'm all here for it. (Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

Alien: Romulus' official trailer has erupted from its facehugger cocoon to emerge online – and I think it looks terrifyingly terrific.

Arriving almost three months after Alien: Romulus' menacing first teaser, the forthcoming horror sci-fi movie looks like a a claustrophobic and frightening return to form for the Ridley Scott-created franchise. But hey, don't just take my word for it, watch the new Alien film's trailer below to see for yourself.

See what I mean? With its impressive, minimalist sound design, practical sets and effects, undeniably foreboding atmosphere, and how it honors what's come before, it's little wonder that observers are already suggesting that Alien: Romulus will be the franchise's best entry since 1986's Aliens. No pressure, eh?

So, what's one of 2024's most anticipated new movies about? 20th Century Studios and parent company Disney are still playing their cards close to their chest regarding its plot, but here's a very brief story synopsis to tide you over until a more detailed one arrives: "While scavenging the deep ends of a derelict space station, a group of young space colonizers come face to face with the most terrifying life form in the universe." 

You don't need me to tell you what said fear-inducing organisms they'll encounter, but I'm glad that we don't actually see too much of the Alien franchise's legendary xenomorphs in the trailer. Less is more, in my view, so I hope a movie of this style and aesthetic, i.e. one that feels like an upgraded version of 1979's Alien, heavily leans into the series' first entry.

There are plenty of new faces who are up for the xenomorph and facehugger-based chopping block in the film series' latest installment. Leading the movie's talented cast is Cailee Spaeny, who viewers might recognize from last year's Priscilla (out now on Max in the US) and recent Alex Garland-directed war drama Civil War. Archie Renaux, who played a major supporting role in cancelled Netflix fantasy show Shadow and Bone, is also set for a starring role in Romulus. The aforementioned duo are joined by Isabela Merced (The Last of Us season 2, Madame Web), Spike Fearn (Aftersun), David Jonsson (Rye Lane), and Aileen Wu in her first major role.

The talent assembled for Alien: Romulus is just as stacked behind the camera, too. Fede Alvarez, who had helmed popular, suspense-riddled horror and/or thriller flicks, including Don't Breathe, Evil Dead, and The Girl in the Spider's Web, had directed and co-penned the franchise's seventh big-screen installment. The filmmaker's frequent collaborator Rodo Sayagues co-wrote the script, while Ridley Scott is unsurprisingly on board as one of the movie's many executive producers.

Alien: Romulus will debut exclusively in theaters on August 16. In the meantime, you can watch the other six Alien movies on Disney Plus right now, and then see where each Scott-directed installment placed on our best Ridley Scott movies list.

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