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Macally Metro review

Open leather holster affords little protection

The build quality is up to Macally's standards, but otherwise we're not convinced

Our Verdict

As iPod sleeve designs go, we find this one a little impractical


  • Versatile design


  • No protection for screen
  • Doesn't feel very secure

Macally's Metro is a leather holster for the latest (third generation) Nanos.

It's an odd design: an open holster for slotting in the iPod that offers no protection for the front of the player, not even a see-through plastic sheet.

Little piece of mind

The holster attaches to a belt clip, which then attaches to a neoprene band meant to go around your arm, dangle from your belt or hang carabiner style.

You can also take off the belt and loop it through the back of the holster. During the period we took this out, we never really had any peace of mind.

You find yourself constantly looking out for things not to bump into. The build quality is up to Macally's standards, sure, but we think the whole premise is less than convincing. Landfill, anyone?