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High-speed WiBro internet terminals hit Korea

Aside from shaking up the world of HD TV players today, Samsung is having a busy old week that includes finally releasing not one, not two, but three new Mobile WiMax/WiBro devices in Korea.

The new products in the Samsung collection have all been seen before at various stages of pre-production, so it's no surprise to see them go on sale together soon after the launch of KT's Seoul-wide WiBro network, although pricing remains up to individual dealers.

Pocket PC

Probably the most unusual of the newcomers is the SPH-P9000, a 560g Windows XP pocket computer that has a full QWERTY keyboard and doubles as a mobile phone. WiBro, as Moibile WiMax is known in Korea, is used to make VoIP calls the mainstay of the P9000.

The two other products are a Windows Mobile 5 smartphone and a wireless USB modem for getting regular PCs online. The 147g SPH-M8100 handset offers a lot for a phone, with dual cameras, Bluetooth and a touch-sensitive screen on top of a terrestrial digital TV tuner.

Finally, the SPH-H1200 USB dongle should bring PC WiBro connectivity at up to 13Mbit/s to all of Seoul, including 17 universities and four underground train lines.