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Philips goes control crazy

The 'one size fits all' Prestigo
The 'one size fits all' Prestigo

Remember the days when your remote could control both the TV AND the video? Heady days indeed.

Well, now we have the TV, the DVD players, the Blu-Ray, the amplifier, the surround sound, the HiFi, the sky and BT boxes and a million other things to consider.

Luckily Philips has had a look at the problem and decided to unveil a remote that could control absolutely anything at all by the looks of it.

Hey, Prestigo!

The Prestigo range can control up to 15 devices from a choice of 26 different categories, and covers products from just about all decent consumer electronics brands.

An on board screen, a little click wheel that says 'Thank you Apple' for easy controlling, and the lovely white backlighting so you can see the keys IN THE DARK!

Apparently, the range can control more than one device simultaneously…we have no idea why, or even how, that might be accomplished, but still, it's there for you to do.

The SRU8008 controls 8 devices, and the SRU8015 controls up to 15 (the clue is in the model number), and are priced £59 and £99 respectively.