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The world's most ludicrously expensive iPod dock

The Krell Interface Dock is the first audiophile-grade iPod dock, with a price tag to match

US-based high-end hi-fi manufacturer, Krell Industries, has launched what it describes as the "world's best-sounding iPod dock" in the UK.

The Krell Interface Dock (PDF link), or KID, has been designed as a high-end interface for owners of audiophile hi-fi systems to get the best from their iPods with.

Best-sounding iPod dock in the world

According to Tim Bowern from Absolute Sounds, Krell’s UK distributor, the company’s claim that the KID is the best-sounding iPod dock in the world isn’t without foundation.

“Essentially, what’s really different about the KID compared to other iPod docks is the way it extracts information from the iPod using fully differential output. This means the sound is truer to the source than any other comparable product out there. Ally this to Class A circuitry throughout and you’re left with an audiophile-grade iPod dock.”

Of course, for £1,350 you’d have every right to expect nothing less.