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MMO gaming on a budget

Trust GXT 970 Morfix Gaming Mouse
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TechRadar Verdict

The Trust GXT 970 Morfix is a great budget option if you’re an MMO/MOBA gamer, especially for those wanting to try using hotkeys for the first time. However, if you’re looking to go pro we’d recommend going with a more expensive gaming mouse.


  • +

    Customizable side plates for switching mouse requirements

  • +

    Very comfortable to use

  • +

    Much cheaper than many competitors


  • -

    Issues with functionality and sticking keys

  • -

    Not great for large hands

  • -

    No customizable weight settings

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Trust has released the GXT 970 Morfix: a budget-friendly, customizable gaming mouse targeting players of MMO and MOBA games. People outside of Europe may not be too familiar with Trust, but they’re known for affordable PC accessories at a range of price points, usually emulating the style of popular rival products. There’s always going to be a bag of mixed feelings when it comes to creating similar designs, but we’re hardly brand loyalists.

The biggest selling point of this mouse is a homage to the Razer Naga Trinity: swappable side plates. The Trust GXT 970 Morfix can switch between a 9-digit keyboard (for traditional MMO or MOBA enthusiasts) or a three-button quick action set for scrolling through commands or options (better suited to FPS). 

You can even switch the right-side panel to help with ergonomics, though we found the panel with the finger rest to be especially comfortable. Unfortunately, the mouse is orientated for right-handed folk only, despite the switchable plates.

Price and availability

Traditionally, an MMO-styled mouse from a reputable brand can set you back a hefty chunk of cash, so a manageable price of £39.99 (around $50, AU$75) is less of a shock to your wallet. 

Some hunting online has confirmed that the Trust GXT 970 Morfix is available now in the UK and Europe, but there is no official word for when (or if) it will be released worldwide.

Trust GXT 970 Morfix Gaming Mouse

(Image credit: Future)


The plates themselves attach magnetically and are mechanically operated. When attached, they’re surprisingly sturdy, even when subjected to our very professional testing standard of rocketing the mouse wildly across our desk to mimic the result of us losing out on loot during an intense WoW raid. Despite this, it’s very easy to remove them to switch to the setup you need.

This sounds like it should be a fairly obvious statement, but as anyone who’s transitioned from consoles into PC gaming will know, the learning curve to using nine closely sandwiched buttons is steep and brutal. 

Having access to so many programmable buttons will let you trigger your attacks, chug back some potions, and generally have quicker reactions to defend yourself in your games. Regardless, one slip of the thumb and you'll be dashing towards an enemy, rather than letting off a slowing spell to escape.

Trust GXT 970 Morfix Software

(Image credit: Trust)

To get the most out of the Trust GXT 970 Morfix, you’ll need to download the Trust management software. This gives you full access to RGB styling, key binding, and assigning profiles. 

It's a very simple software, nothing overly complex or clunky. You can also assign a specific color to your DPI settings as a visual guide, which is pretty nifty. Unfortunately, you won't be able to sync up your RGB lighting with other products, as you can with Razer Chroma, so if you’re looking for a unified lighting setup this may not be for you.


Trust GXT Morfix Gaming Mouse

(Image credit: Future)

The GXT 970 Morfix isn’t without its faults. There were two instances where, after some pretty substantial button mashing, the mouse froze up – the cursor was free to go about its travels across our monitors, but we were unable to click on or select anything, and even the RGB lighting refused to continue its jovial fluxing.

On both occasions we were able to fix the problem by unplugging and replugging the mouse USB cable into the computer. We’re hesitant to make a call on this not just being a fault with our review unit, but we certainly wouldn’t want to risk wielding this mouse in a ranked game.

The Trust GXT 970 Morfix has a DPI count of 10,000, which is fairly standard for a gaming mouse, and it weighs in at just 0.16 pounds (74g), which is great for those who prefer a lighter mouse. 

An option for additional weights would have been nice, though; personally, we think the lack of heft here contributes to the mouse feeling a tad cheap. It's also worth noting that while those with smaller hands should find the Trust GXT 970 Morfix to be a snug fit, anyone with larger hands may have issues. 

Final verdict

For its intended purpose, the Trust GXT 970 Morfix is a great gaming mouse for anyone looking to get into MOBA or MMO games on a more serious level. That isn’t to say that this is a gaming mouse for someone looking to go pro: there are better options for that without the issues I will go on to mention.

But for the price, the Trust GXT 970 Morfix massively outperformed our expectations and is a fantastic stepping stone to train your thumb in rapid-button mashing shortcuts. You’re getting a lot of mouse for your money, especially if you’re not tied into any specific game genre. If you’re looking to get into finessing your MOBA or MMO gaming then you could do worse than buy the Trust GXT 970 Morfix.

Buy it if...

You’re new to macro keys on mice and need some training
This mouse won’t be winning you any tournaments, but it's a wonderfully versatile gaming mouse for the price. The buttons are smooth and don’t have an unpleasant squish to them, making the GXT 970 Morfix a gentle introduction to the world of MOBA/MMO gaming mice.

You’re on a budget
For a mouse with this much versatility, the price is a steal when compared to some larger and better-known brands. With those swappable plates, you can switch between button configurations without needing to buy two different mice, and the Morfix software allows you to save up to three profiles for different macro binds.

You create a lot of content
Those macro buttons aren’t restrictive to games – we had a blast binding different brushes and tools to them for graphic design projects outside of games testing.

Don't buy it if...

You’re left-handed
The additional buttons for this mouse are always located on the left, so unless you have a long and freakishly skillful little finger, you should probably buy an ambidextrous or left-handed mouse.

You play in ranked games or competition environments
This is a fantastic mouse to get you trained up on macros, but if you’re getting into seriously competitive or pro gaming we'd recommend that you invest in a mouse with fixed buttons to avoid latency issues, or upgrade to the Razer Naga Trinity.

You want weight control
Adjustable mouse weighting has been popularized recently by gaming-oriented mouse brands, allowing gamers to fine-tune the handling of their mouse. Despite having various other bells and whistles, the Trust GXT 970 Morfix doesn’t offer this feature.

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