Saucony Guide 16 review: One of the best running shoes for overpronators

The Saucony Guide 16 offers great stability and comfort, ideal for shorter races

Saucony Ride 16
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The Saucony Guide 16 is the shoe for you if you overpronate and need stability when you run. Comfortable as soon as you lace the trainers up their foam tech ensures you have a cushioned run, while their lightweight nature means you won't be carrying too much extra weight as you attempt a new PB in them. Unfortunately, the trainers aren’t waterproof, but they are great everyday trainers for 5 and 10k runs.


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    Not waterproof

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    Laces feel tight

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Saucony Guide 16: One minute review

As a runner, stability in a trainer is very important, especially if you tend to overpronate, or roll your foot too far inward when it lands. This is what the Saucony Guides have always been known for, helping to "steer your stride" with a guidance frame. If it works, it's certainly going to be one of the best running shoes for overpronators. 

I’ve never tried any of its previous versions, but the Guide 16 trainers provide stability for not just those who overpronate, such as me, but any runner who wants to feel secure as they complete their miles.

It's also very rare that running trainers are comfortable from the get-go, usually needing a few miles to "break in" so to speak, but I can authoritatively say that the Saucony Guide 16 are just that. As soon as I laced up the trainers they felt like slippers, molding into my feet as soon as I took my first steps. 

This design benefits from upgraded PWRRUN+ technology, a gilley design around the laces that helps then wrap into the shoe further around the upper, and lightweight support on the heel and ankle. Performance is exceptional as its PWRRUN+ insoles and midsoles cradled my feet and helped with comfort and stabilization as I ran. 

The trainers aren't waterproof or as bouncy as some of the other trainers on the market, so aren't going to be suited for trail fans or speed junkies, but their comfort is second to none, and they are now a firm favorite for short runs. 

Saucony Guide 16: Specifications

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ComponentSaucony Guide 16
Price$160 / £130 / AU$219.99
Weight221g approx
MidsolePWRRUN+ foam
OutsoleXT-900 carbon rubber
Heel-toe drop8mm

Saucony Ride 16

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Saucony Guide 16: Price and availability

  • $160 in the US
  • £130 in the UK
  • AU$219.99 in Australia

Launched in February this year, the Saucony Guide 16 are priced at $160 / £130 / AU$219.99. The shoes are available direct from the Saucony website and from other third-party sites such as Wiggle, Decathlon and Amazon

This is about the right sort of price point, at the same mark or slightly cheaper than other running shoes designed for stability and to course-correct your stride, such as the ASICS Gel-Kayano 29. We're satisfied this price is about what you'd expect, and not out of line with the rest of its competitors.

Value score: 4/5

Saucony Guide 16: Design

Saucony Ride 16

(Image credit: Future)
  • PWRRUN+ insole contours the foot
  • The unique gilley system gives a secure fit
  • Upper mesh is breathable but could be more waterproof

Well-designed with high-tech foam to help with stability it’s a good-looking shoe, as well as designed with comfort in mind. Available in a variety of different colors from the "soot/sprig" red-and-green number to our more somber black testing pair, the sneakers' performance upper mesh gives them some edge, design-wise, and has a thicker material than its predecessor. 

However, the mesh still allows for enough breathability when running. There's next to no waterproofing, which is a shame and precludes them from any trails other than light, hard park paths, but a lack of waterproofing isn't uncommon in these sorts of road shoes. 

The design really benefits from Saucony's unique gilley system, a criss-cross lace-organization design on the midfoot that loops the laces further back on the upper than normal, and gives your foot more support. However, we sometimes found this design slightly too tight. 

With a heel-to-toe drop of 8mm, the trainer's lightweight heel and ankle padding meant no rubbing as I ran, and its deeper footbed added to the comfort of the trainers and gave them a very personalized feel. A little like memory foam.

Its XT-900 outsole, made from carbon rubber, gives the shoe durability, as I took them through a series of short and longer runs, while its upgraded PWRRUN+ insole adds to the comfort, contouring my feet well.

Design score: 4.5/5

Saucony Guide 16: Performance

Saucony Guide 16

(Image credit: Saucony)
  • PWRRUN+ technology helped cradle and cushion my feet
  • Great for runners with overpronation 
  • Lightweight but not as bouncy as some other running trainers 

Comfortable from the moment I laced up, I was impressed with just how easily my feet molded into these trainers. I wore the shoes on multiple training runs for an upcoming 10k run - which involved 5-8k runs and some interval training runs. New trainers normally rub on the sides of my feet and sometimes give me blisters as I wear them in, but not these trainers, which could be down to their new PWRRUN+ insoles, which seemed to cradle my feet and keep them stable as I ran.

Unlike other trainers, like New Balances’ latest SC Elite v3 and Brook’s Adrenaline range I didn’t get as much energy return as I ran. The trainers also benefit from PWRRUN+ technology in their midsoles which gave me a firm and cushioned stride, but not as bouncy as I would have preferred. However, they still felt supportive, as my foot rolled from heel to toe, which is probably down to the shoe's HALLOW TECH support frame. 

This frame support also provides more stability for anyone that overpronates when they run, like me. Overpronation is when the arch of your foot collapses inwards as you run, meaning this part of your sole will have more wear and tear. Although I still overpronated in these trainers they felt far more supportive - hugging my feet as I ran. 

Lightweight, they didn’t add a considerable amount of weight to my feet, however, their upper mesh material didn't keep my feet dry. I wore the trainers in multiple weather conditions and although they didn’t keep my feet dry in wet weather, their XT-900 outsole did provide great grip. 

Performance score: 5/5

Saucony Guide 16: Should I buy?

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ValueThe same price as competitor shoes with guiding technology baked into the shoe to avoid or mitigate overpronation.4/5
DesignLight, breathable upper (although it's not waterproof), and a comfortable, squishy feel thanks to those PWRRUN+ midsoles.4.5/5
PerformanceComfy from the word go, no awkwardness on foot placement and grippy even in wet weather.5/5

Buy it if...

You overpronate when you run 

They feel incredibly supportive for any runner who overpronates due to their insoles and updated foam technology. 

You run mid distances

This is an everyday show for 5k and 10k runners - allowing for comfort and stability.

If comfort is key to you

Lets be honest, most trainers take a few runs to break in - but these were comfortable from the moment I stepped into them. 

Don't buy it if...

You need waterproof trainers 

Running in all weather conditions? My feet were soaked through when I went out on a particularly rainy run

You want a bigger energy return

Although stable and comfortable, these running shoes aren't as bouncy as some of the other models on the market

You prefer more movement in the midfoot

Although their unique gilley system looks great they made our midfoot feel suffocated at times.

Saucony Guide 16: Also consider

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ComponentSaucony Guide 16Saucony Ride 15ASICS Gel Kayano 29
Price$160 / £130 / AU$219.99$140 / £130 / AU$220$160 / £115 / AU$210
Weight221g approx247g approx299g approx
UpperMeshMesh with inner sleeveStretch knit upper (75% recycled)
MidsolePWRRUN+ foamEVA foam with E-TPU insoleLITETRUSS, FF BLAST PLUS foam
OutsoleXT-900 carbon rubberPWRRUN+ foamCarbon rubber
Heel-toe drop8mm8mm10mm

Saucony Ride 15

A great all-rounder shoe from Saucony with additional support if you want to go beyond 10k to half-marathon and marathon distances. 

Read our full Saucony Ride 15 review


ASICS Gel Kayano 29

Another beginner-friendly, supportive shoe geared towards overpronators and ideal for shorter distances. 

First reviewed: May 2023

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