Samsung Notebook 7 Spin (2017) review

This laptop is dense with value

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin
Great Value

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Samsung has created one of the best values in computing today with the 15-inch Notebook 7 Spin. In this package, you're getting components that most other leading brands would charge $1,200 or much more for – in a package that isn't cased in premium materials, but has a sense for modern laptop design trends.

We liked

Simply put, we love the amount of power, versatility and style you're getting out of the Notebook 7 Spin for what it costs, even at its high end. Did it even have to be a convertible hybrid? Of course not, but its hinge is firm and strong enough so that you won't even notice this dubious capability should you decide to never use it.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

We disliked

While we appreciate the inclusion of dedicated graphics, the chip in question can't push the notebook quite far enough to access a vast library of PC games at playable frame rates on low settings. Just that extra push into the GTX 950M could've made that happen at the expense of, say, a couple hundred gigabytes of spinning storage and hugely boost its already vast versatility.

Final verdict

If you're looking at larger, premium laptops like the 15-inch MacBook Pro, LG gram 15 or Dell XPS 15 and refuse to pay what they're asking for the power you need, you can stop searching. The Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is one of the best values we've seen lately in computing, straddling a line between mid-range and premium surprisingly well for a traditionally luxury technology brand.

Even if you're averse to giant hybrid convertibles like us, the laptop's sturdy frame and hinge make it feel as if the feature doesn't even exist – should you not use it. Sure, this tech makes the laptop far heavier than most would like, but you can't deny the sheer amount of features on offer when stacked up against the market leaders.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

With a stylish design using less-than-premium materials, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is an easy choice for the one who's looking to the MacBook Pro for the "wow" factor but would rather not pay a small fortune for real power, too. Bargain hunters with taste: this laptop is for you.

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