LG Escape review

MicroSD installation would've made this an excellent value

LG Escape

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Here's where the budget part of the equation most notably comes into play. The LG Escape sports a 5-megapixel rear camera, which is definitely on the lower end of the scale for modern smartphones.

LG Escape review

We recently reviewed the LG Venice on Boost Mobile, which is a much weaker handset in terms of performance and appeal, but the results from its own 5MP camera are very similar to what we saw here. On a handset that otherwise outshines its lower-end pricing in most regards, this aspect is unfortunately dead on.

To be fair, it's not a bad camera for quick snapshots to post to Instagram or text or email to friends. For on-the-fly photos, it'll do the trick well enough. But for anything that you'd want to view on a screen much larger than 4.3 inches, the lower-quality shots will show their weaknesses, including lacking detail and notable graininess, especially in low-light and indoor settings.

LG Escape review

The LG Escape also allows for 1080p video footage shot from its back camera, and while the footage we shot wasn't spectacularly detailed, the results are largely very good for a budget smartphone. However, for both still photos and videos, users who need a really stellar camera in their pocket at all times should consider a higher-end handset, as there are many better options in that regard.

As for the software, the same camera app is used for both still photos and video footage, with a quick tap on the lower right of the screen swapping between the two. It's an auto-focus lens for both needs, and you can easily modify aspects like image size, white balance, and geotagging via the options menu, as well as turn on color effects or a timer as needed.