HTC Titan II review

Is HTC's handset a true titan of the latest Windows Phone offerings?

HTC Titan II
Battery life is quite solid, despite the big screen and a relatively small

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Many handsets aim for 1080p high-resolution video capture and tend to fall a bit short in delivery. The HTC Titan II sticks with 720p, and considering the solid job the camera does on the still image side, it's not that surprising that the phone shoots stellar video as well.

htc titan II review

The Camera app is used for both still photos and video, with a little icon on the lower right swapping between functionality, and you'll shoot video using only the physical shutter button. Just three resolution options are available: 720p (1280x720), VGA (640x480), and QVGA (320x240).

However, the same wide array of still picture options are available for video, including the 10 visual filters, white balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness settings, and a video stabilizer function. You can also swap between stereo and mono recording and enable continuous focus to keep the shot clear as you move about.

In the video samples we shot at 720p resolution, the handset performed well, with very detailed images of relatively close objects (though very tight shots didn't focus as well as desired) and good color and clarity throughout.

Both LED back lights can be engaged from the settings menu for use in low light filming, and do a pretty great job of illuminating what's in view – so much so that you can shoot in total darkness without an additional light source and still pull surprising detail from the shot.