HTC Titan II review

Is HTC's handset a true titan of the latest Windows Phone offerings?

HTC Titan II
Battery life is quite solid, despite the big screen and a relatively small

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Contacts on Windows Phone is handled via the People app, which links up to various online accounts -including Windows Live, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, and LinkedIn - and pulls together contact info along with tweets and status updates. It also displays images of friends pulled from social networks on the outside tile.

htc titan II review

Expectedly, this can create a long list of contacts for folks you might not need at a moment's notice (especially online pals), but People lets you sort the master list to leave out contacts from certain sources.

Adding multiple social networks may well result in multiple profiles coming over for a single person. But, you can link them together easily by clicking the chain icon at the bottom of a contact page, and finding the other contacts to combine as one.

As noted above, the People app also includes quick access to updates from social networks like Twitter and Facebook, as well as a centralized list of your own recent updates across networks, though heavy users will want to use the dedicated free Twitter and Facebook apps (from the marketplace) to keep up with friends' updates.

htc titan II review


Calling on the HTC Titan II is handled via the Phone app, which is listed as AT&T on the home screen tile.

The dialer uses an elegantly simplistic interface with large digits that cumulatively take up more than half of the screen, and typed-in numbers can be saved locally from here as well.

The Phone app also displays a history listing when opened, and allows quick access to the People app for looking up contacts.

htc titan II review

Call quality proved quite good on AT&T's 4G LTE network, with generally clear-sounding results coming through the earpiece. The only nagging issue is that you'll need to have the center of the wide phone's earpiece directly matched up to your ear, as being even slightly off-center results in a notably muted listening result. The speakerphone function works admirably, as well, with little distortion coming through.