HTC Titan II review

Is HTC's handset a true titan of the latest Windows Phone offerings?

HTC Titan II
Battery life is quite solid, despite the big screen and a relatively small

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The HTC Titan II arrives with a handful of extra AT&T apps installed, including AT&T Code Scanner, AT&T Radio, and AT&T U-verse Mobile – but in a refreshing touch, all of these can be excised from the phone immediately.

htc titan II review

HTC has its own app on the handset – the HTC Hub, which includes local and worldwide weather, as well as stock quotes and links to news listings. It's mostly beneficial for its home screen tile, which displays the local weather with some nice visual flourish, as it's otherwise a pretty barebones option.

Otherwise, the phone arrives with the standard array of Windows Phone apps, such as previously detailed apps like Camera and Internet Explorer, as well as Calendar and Calculator. Xbox Live is also heavily integrated within Windows Phone, letting you link up your existing Xbox Live profile and view its details within the built-in app, plus downloaded games earn Achievements on the same account.

htc titan ii review

Myriad games and apps are available for download from the Marketplace, which offers the helpful ability to download a free trial on a wide majority of apps, giving you a brief taste of the experience before you shell out cash. Despite more than 80,000 titles on the marketplace, however – including games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope and apps like Netflix and LinkedIn – numerous big-name apps from other platforms are still MIA here, and many of the third-party options that come up appear of dubious origins at times.

htc titan II review


The built-in Maps app offers a solid array of functions, from GPS location services to spoken turn-by-turn directions. It also includes helpful social abilities, which highlight local restaurants, shops, and attractions, using the GPS to recommend things to do in your area.

htc titan ii review

Alternately, the AT&T Navigator app offers another similar option, albeit one that requires a subscription of $9.99 per month after the 30-day trial, or you can purchase a day pass for $1.99. However, our review handset did not allow either option to process, so we were unable to test out the app.