Vodafone Tab Speed 6 review

Vodafone's latest stab at the tablet market underwhelms

Vodafone Tab Speed 6

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The Vodafone Tab Speed 6 aims to stand out through a combination of 4G connectivity and a low price of just £125. But to get there it's had to cut a whole lot of corners, on everything from the screen to the processor and the camera.

Even at such a low price that's not all excusable, especially as competition is fierce at the bottom end of the market, but a decent battery and solid build ensure it's not a total misfire.

We liked

There's an above-average amount of juice in the Vodafone Tab Speed 6, despite its fairly small battery. It won't be troubling tablets at the top of the heap, but it's longer lasting than many budget slates and should just about see you through a movie marathon.

It's also cheap, of course – especially for a tablet that offers 4G. That could be enough to tempt some buyers, as it opens up a whole world of streamed media on the road.

The build is also decent for a slate of this price. While it's distinctly low-end it's solid, with a plain but sturdy design.

We disliked

The Vodafone Tab Speed 6's screen is a real issue. It's low-resolution and reflective, and frankly just not very enjoyable to use. I'd always rather have a sharper screen, even if that means it has to be smaller, as on the Amazon Fire HD 6 or even a smartphone.

The Tab Speed 6 isn't packing a lot of power either. It's reasonably nippy when you're using basic apps or navigating the home screens, but its gaming performance isn't good, and it puts in a poor show in terms of benchmarks.

The camera is awful, and the software was slightly glitchy in my time with the tablet; hopefully that latter issue will be fixed, but in the meantime it's an annoyance.


If you really want 4G in a tablet and can't stretch to the EE Harrier Tab then, well, the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 will do the trick – but that's about the closest thing to a recommendation I can muster.

Battery life is above average, so it could keep you entertained all day, but with a poor screen and dodgy performance your standards for entertainment will have to be pretty low.

You can get a lot more by spending just a little more, or settle on a solid slate without 4G if your budget is really fixed. The Vodafone Tab Speed 6 isn't a complete disaster for the money, but it's uninspiring, underpowered and unlikely to find many fans.

First reviewed: March 2016

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