Canon PIXMA MP495 review

What price Wi-Fi printing? Canon's new MP495 cuts a few corners to reduce the cost

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As a bare-bones Wi-Fi all-in-one printer the MP495 is just about adequate, although what you save in the reduced purchase price you may well end up losing in higher running costs, thanks to the absence of individually replaceable colour cartridges. It's some of the other omissions, however, that are more telling.

We liked

The MP495 is very compact for an all-in-one printer and the inexpensive purchase price is refreshing if you only need a very basic set of features. Wi-Fi compatibility is a nice addition on a printer at this price and print speeds aren't too sluggish.

We disliked

The absence of a colour or even mono menu screen makes onboard control quite limited, and there's no possibility of printing direct from memory cards or a PictBridge camera because the MP495 lacks media card slots as well as a PictBridge port.

Canon's usual feature of dual paper input trays is also lacking, leaving only a single rear-mounted feed tray. You can't print onto CDs or DVDs either.

Wi-Fi set-up is a bit long-winded and has to be done through a connected computer, rather than on the printer itself, again due to the lack of onboard controls or a menu screen. Photo quality is also a little shabby, with poor contrast and depth.


Considering that the street price of the MP495 is only £15 less than the MG5150, it's a far inferior printer, even if the latter does lack Wi-Fi connectivity.

Most of the refinements that make Canon's models so popular, such as the five-ink print system, dual input trays and excellent photo quality output, are all lacking.

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