Abit IP35 Pro

Plenty of potential for overclocking here

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Our Verdict

A great choice if you want quality and overclocking potential without breaking the bank


  • Good overclocking potential

    Well-laid out BIOS

    CMOS reset switch

    Decent value for money


  • Some BIOS settings well hidden

Abit has several motherboards based on the P35 chipset, with the 'Pro' model here being the most expensive and the one gathering most interest thanks to its impressive overclocking potential.

Beyond its ability to push the processor and memory beyond the stock figures, this motherboard is surprisingly low on extra features for the £40 premium it demands over the straight IP35.

Like the design and layout, the BIOS is logically ordered with the main features easily accessible. The processor temperature settings are buried a little deep, but there's a wealth of information once you do unearth them. The integrated automatic overclocking tool, micro-Guru offers simple system boosting with the minimum of fuss too.

The external CMOS reset switch on the back panel is a nice touch, as is the large visible two-code POST LEDs. The overall feel of it is one of unassuming quality. It boasts all the features you need from a motherboard, and the price is fine, although if all you're after is stock performance, we'd recommend its cheaper non-'Pro' sibling.