CellShock PC2-6400

More humble pie, anyone?

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Our Verdict

A pleasant surprise with good all-round capability


  • Good all-round performer


  • Plain, black and bulky

We weren't expecting great things from this pair of sticks from CellShock. It's not a major brand we come across every day, and the heatspreader packaging is decidedly unexciting. Plain, black and bulky are the three nicest words we could use to describe these sticks.

As with all the 800MHz kits, the latencies are nice and tight at 4-4-4-12, while the recommended power draw is a healthy 2.2V.

While it was slow for our Source engine map draw, it turned in a sterling performance all round elsewhere, proving itself very responsive and more than up to the task of keeping our four cores fed at all times.

Our overall performance scaled nicely when we overclocked the memory bus by just 10% too, while there were absolutely no stability issues from RAM at the higher speeds.