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Cloud Engines Pogoplug review

Could this bring network-attached storage to the masses?

Cloud Engines Pogoplug
Pogoplug is currently only available in pink

Our Verdict

A solid and innovative product, but a few flaws keep it from perfection


  • Incredibly simple to set up
  • Set your own storage capacity
  • Access from any online computer


  • Clunky web interface

Network-attached storage (NAS) drives have got simpler over the last couple of years, and Pogoplug could be the simplest yet.

The device connects to your home network via Ethernet, and enables you to access your files over the internet. It has no storage of its own, but you can plug in up to four USB hard drives or flash drives.

Setting up Pogoplug is amazingly simple, and only takes about five minutes. When it's up and running, files stored on its drives can be accessed on any computer connected to the internet, using a browser-based interface.

You can share them with friends and colleagues too, automatically sending a download link by email or even a message to social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Downloading shared files can be a slow task, so if they're large, it's wise to queue them overnight.

Music and appropriately encoded videos can be streamed through the web interface, and folders can be automatically backed up.

After downloading a small piece of software, you'll have Pogoplug's drives appear on your desktop. The web-based interface is great for remote downloading and sharing, but a little clunky for local management.

Projects for the more techsavvy include streaming over iTunes and running a bit torrent client. Products designed to be simple can frustrate due to their lack of configurable options, and that applies here.

Even so, Pogoplug's ease of use wins through. We just wish it came in an alternative range of colours.

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