Fujifilm X-A5 review

The perfect step up from a smartphone

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The Fujifilm X-A5 isn't really designed for experienced photographers, but rather for Instagramers, lifestyle photographers and ‘life-loggers’ who want a step up in quality and features from a smartphone – and the X-A5 certainly delivers on that front.

Compared to a smartphone the screen is a little small, and the camera is a little bigger and sometimes more awkward to handle, but it opens up a whole new world of photography that’s simply out of the reach of a smartphone.

The large sensor and interchangeable lenses offer a much wider range of viewing angles and depth of field effects, and the image quality is as good as you could expect without taking another major step up and investing in a full-frame camera.

It’s a shame there’s no viewfinder, and that the autofocus isn’t just a little snappier, but for the type of user it’s aimed at, and at the price it’s being sold for, the X-A5 is just great.


Rod Lawton is Head of Testing for Future Publishing’s photography magazines, including Digital Camera, N-Photo, PhotoPlus, Professional Photography, Photography Week and Practical Photoshop.