Eufy Clean HomeVac H20 review

A car vacuum cleaner which is also useful around the home

eufy Clean H20 handheld car vacuum on car seat
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TechRadar Verdict

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is a car vacuum that works well for removing small, light debris from tricky spaces inside a vehicle. We found it was also a handy small vacuum to have around the home for tackling little impromptu messes. Debris much larger than a rice puff proves a problem, though, as does hair on car mats, even in Max mode.


  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Quick to charge

  • +

    Compact and easy to store


  • -

    No good for larger-sized debris

  • -

    Charging plug isn't included

  • -

    Loud for such a small device

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One-minute review

Eufy is part of Anker Innovations, a company founded in September 2016. It is part of one of the leading and most-trusted brands in America, specializing  in appliances and smart home devices. These include items from lazer-guided robotic vacuum cleaners to wireless security cameras. Its “Smart Home Simplified” motto is what drives the forward-thinking brand to build easy-to-use products that are designed to enhance your life.

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is the latest addition to its HomeVac series of cleaners, designed specifically for use in the car – although we found it equally useful around the home. Compared to the best-selling Clean H30 Mate on Anker’s website, the HomeVac H20 offers a ten-minute boost to run-time, a 0.34lbs reduction in weight, and for ease, it can be charged from inside the car.

Other innovations that we found particularly appealing are the car-specific attachments, including a built-in retractable tool, extension hose and brush head. These all zip securely into the storage bag – which, in our opinion, proved to be one of the most useful features of the HomeVac H20, keeping all the these extras in one place, rather than losing them beneath the car seats.

At £109.99, the HomeVac H20 is expensive for a handheld vacuum cleaner, although we do appreciate it’s more a specialist tool for the car. While it is compact, lightweight and easy to move around, the HomeVac H20 is noisy for such a small device. We also found that it was better at picking up fine debris – such as sand and dust – over larger particles such as rice puffs.

If you're looking for a larger upright, corded or indeed cordless vacuum cleaner to keep various areas of your home or car clean, then check out our best vacuum cleaner guide.

eufy clean h20 with all accessories

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Price & availability

  •  List price: $119.99 / £99.99 

The eufy HomeVac H20 launched on August 15 2022 and is available in the US and UK. It can be bought direct from eufy or Amazon

It’s comparable with the other handheld vacs in eufy’s lineup, but unlike the H30 and H11 models, it comes with a car charger, long battery life and a quick charge time. 

  • Price & availability score: 4 / 5


  • Lightweight 
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Useful attachments

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is a cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner that comes with a selection of specialist attachments that make it most suited for use in the car. Each component feels sturdy, and when switching between the attachments, a satisfying “click” delivers reassurance that all is in place and secure.

It arrives sporting a similar look to the other products in the eufy Clean category. Our review unit features a black body with subtle red accents, but it’s also available in white with red accents. Those accents comprise branding on the side of the main unit and the filter.

A sliding cover on the front of the vacuum cleaner can be removed to reveal the bin container beneath. With the cover off you can clip on the extension hose, retractable tool or brush head for more detailed vacuuming in awkward spaces.

A built-in LED light on the main unit turns on no matter the attachments you’re using, or the power mode you’ve selected. Such a feature has become familiar on the floorheads of some upright and corded vacuums, and some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners, too, so it was good to see it included here. It certainly proved useful for making any mess in the footwell of the car more visible. 

eufy clean h20 power settings

(Image credit: Future)

The HomeVac H20 offers two suction modes – Eco and Max – that you select by pushing a button on the main unit, beneath the power button. Between the two buttons sits a battery indicator light, which is useful for offering guidance on the level of power remaining. We were grateful that the HomeVac H20 could be charged from inside the car using the in-car charger; on a few occasions, we had to resort to using it to gather enough juice to finish the job.

For those wondering if the HomeVac H20 could be stored in the car, it measures 14.37 × 3 × 2.91 inches / 36.5 × 7.6 × 7.3cm (l x w x d). In the box you’ll find a handy carry case with zip fastening, which offers plenty of room to store the vacuum cleaner and all of its accessories. 

  • Design score: 5 / 5


  • Two power settings
  • Easy to switch between attachments
  • Did a good job at lifting light messes

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 boasts 40W of suction. While this isn’t as powerful as the eufy HomeVac H30 Mate, which offers a whopping 80W of suction, we found that it managed to clean most of the mess you’re likely to find in a car with ease. We were able to alternate between the Eco and Max power modes, depending on the dirt we were trying to vacuum. In fact, we opted for Eco for most of our cleaning, since it did the job without consuming battery life too quickly.

The HomeVac H20 can be used with or without the attachments. The first area of the car that I tackled was the footwell. I removed the mats to clean the carpet beneath. Without any attachments, I set off cleaning with the HomeVac H20 in Eco mode. It visibly lifted finer dust and small crumbs with ease, with the dirt it was sucking up clearly visible in the 90ml dust cup.

Vacuuming the footwell in the car with the eufy Clean H20

(Image credit: Future)

We switched to Max mode to tackle the strands of hair that had become embedded in the carpet of the footwell. The HomeVac H20 failed to make it budge, despite the racket that could be heard – there's a noticeable gear change on moving from the Eco to Max power levels.

Next we attached the brush head on to the nozzle of the HomeVac H20. This proved useful for cleaning around the gear stick, in the cup holders and navigating around the central unit of the car. Eco mode was more than sufficient for tackling this job.

Using the brush head attachment on the Clean H20

(Image credit: Future)

We attached the extension hose to clean the folds of the car seats. In Eco mode, the vacuum successfully lifted out the dust and smaller debris that had become wedged between the seats. However, we did find the HomeVac H20 a bit awkward to hold while working the hose around the seat; it's best to just prop the small vacuum cleaner on the seat.

Using the Clean H20 extension hose to clean the car seats

(Image credit: Future)

Although the eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is advertised as a car vacuum cleaner, we also gave it a go inside the home. It was great for cleaning our leather wingback chair - you may have even heard us shout about the fact that I used a car vacuum to clean a wingback chair and it saved me time. The main unit and brush head attachment were particularly useful.

As someone with a toddler in the home, we were keen to use the HomeVac H20 to give  the highchair a once-over. At meal-times, it often becomes covered in wet and dried foods, with rice puffs a particular problem. Unfortunately, the HomeVac H20 wasn’t up to this task. As the rice puffs were sucked towards the dust cup, the opening of the vacuum cleaner became clogged, preventing anything from reaching the dust cup.

For noise levels, the Clean HomeVac H20 sounds louder than it actually is such a small vacuum cleaner. In Eco mode we measured it at 68dB, while in Max it registered at 72dB. This is as expected for a vacuum cleaner, the norm for which is 70dB. Perhaps it sounds louder because of the confined space in which it’s being used.

  • Performance score: 3.5 / 5

Battery life

  • Up to 30 minute runtime
  • Takes 1 hour 30 minutes to fully recharge
  • In-car charger included, but a plug for the home isn't included

Fresh out of its box, the eufy Clean HomeVac H20 had just one LED (of the three) battery indicator lights alight, which saw it last for about five-or-so minutes before depleting. As such, we’d follow eufy’s advice to fully charge the car vacuum before first use.

You'll get about 25 to 30 minutes of cleaning power from a single charge. If you use it occasionally, rather than every other weekend to deep clean the car, it will feel like the battery is lasting longer because you're not plugging it in to recharge so often.

The Clean HomeVac H20 comes with an in-car charger, which is handy if this cleaner will live in the car and will be used only for cleaning in the car. However, those with pets and children in the home will likely find this cleaner useful to keep and charge in the home. This means you’ll have to hunt down a USB-A port to use with the included charging cable.

The Clean HomeVac H20 takes approximately 30 minutes to fully recharge, and the three battery indicator lights will continue to flash until the vacuum is fully charged.

Charging the eufy Clean H20 in the car

(Image credit: Future)
  • Battery life score: 4 / 5
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Scorecard: eufy Clean HomeVac H20
Price & availabilityThis car vacuum has a high-end price tag, but it is widely available in the US and UK.4 / 5
DesignIt's lightweight, compact and easy to store.5 / 5
PerformanceThere was enough power for lighter debris, but it struggled to lift hair and anything larger than a rice puff.3.5 / 5
BatteryThe 30 minute runtime is one of the longest we have seen, and it's quick to recharge. It could just do with a plug so it can be charged inside the home, as well as the car. 4.5 / 5

Buy it if...

You want a car vacuum cleaner specifically

The attachments and in-car charger make the eufy Clean HomeVac H20 a good option to have in the car at all times.

You have lots of little messes to clean

It's quick to pick up and use, and the suction is good for vacuuming smaller debris.

You need a small vacuum cleaner readily available

The HomeVac H20 is quick to charge and the suction doesn't deplete when the battery is running low.

Don't buy it if...

Budget doesn't allow

Priced at $119.99 / £99.99 the eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is an expensive handheld vacuum. Cheaper alternatives include the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus.

You need to frequently vacuum larger debris

The HomeVac H20 struggles to clean up anything larger than grains, dust or flour.

You don't own a car

For cleaning quickly around the home, with the use of various attachments, the best cordless vacuum will do the job.

  • First reviewed: September 2022
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