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The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is company's solution for all weather air purification. It's slightly expensive like most Dyson products, but we can't complain as it does it's job impressively well.


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    Quickly warms a room

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    Looks great

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    Safe design

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    Easy to set up and use


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    Noisy at top levels

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Dyson may not be a household name in India yet, but it's definitely making its presence felt in the market after its debut. In February 2019, the company released another machine in the Dyson Pure range - Dyson Pure Hot + Cool - which is also its first three-in-one in India.

If you're wondering how is the Hot + Cool a three-in-one then you must know that it also offers standard air purification aside heating and cooling.

Dyson products are designed primitively for solving problems, as told by the company. It makes premium quality products with state-of-the-art technology inside, which of course comes at a price which the masses in India might not find pocket-friendly.

However, Dyson Pure line-up has impressed us ever since it entered India. The new Dyson Hot + Cool adds a new dimension to the line-up and tries to fit the trend with its three-in-one feature-rich package.


"What is this?", that's what my guests have been asking when they see the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool. Things get even interesting when I tell them it's a heater, fan and one of the best air purifiers in the business. 

To be honest, if somebody's totally unaware of Dyson's design philosophy and looks at the machine for the first time, they are most likely to spend a minute or two admiring how unique yet subtle it looks. After all, it's not usual when you see a machine on this form factor throwing air at you without a visible fan.

Image credit- TechRadar

Image credit- TechRadar

It's a futuristic-looking machine that's custom made for a modern home. It blends well into any decor, but it does have a tendency to attract dust and smudge marks. I live in Noida and you can't escape dust in this city, but thankfully it wipes clean with a damp cloth, so any blemishes are unlikely to be permanent.

I used the white and silver variant of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, while I personally think the Iron/Blue variant looks even cooler. But it totally depends on which one suits the aesthetics of your room better. 

The most striking thing about the design of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is its bladeless cavity. The base looks similar to the Dyson Pure Cool but the size of the cavity is smaller on the Pure Hot + Cool. It makes up close to the half of the footprint of the machine, it's through this loop that the warm and cool air is blown.

We've already mentioned that it looks very interesting, but also note that it’s much safer than the spinning blades of a traditional fan. Additionally, it never becomes so hot as to be uncomfortable to touch even when blowing air at high temperature for hours. 

Image credit- TechRadar

Image credit- TechRadar

It also has the magnetic top where you can stick the remote so that you know where to keep it when you're not using it. I personally ended up using the Dyson app more than the remote because of various reasons. 

The rest of the cylindrical shape is taken up by the tilting, optionally-automatically-rotating base, which includes the mesh, a single power button and a small round shaped LED display on the outside.

Image credit- TechRadar

Image credit- TechRadar

The bottom resides the core machinery, sensors and the filters. However, users only have access until the filters for cleaning and replacement. I really like how easy to operate Dyson products (including this one) are. Replacing the filter is one of the cases where you could actually feel the ease of use. You just have to press the buttons on each side and the grill will pop out. There are two filters inside - inner carbon filter is for gasses, and the outer HEPA filter is built to capture small particles. Both are easily replaceable. 

Image credits- TechRadar

Image credits- TechRadar


For those of you wondering if it's an air conditioner alternative, it's actually not. Instead, it is an advanced alternative for any kind of fan for a small room. It throws clean air at you, it's child-friendly and makes relatively lesser noise than any fan. It works better in a smaller room and can keep it pleasant enough to sit without an AC for outdoor temperatures up to 40-degree Celsius.

Using it on Auto mode might not be the best suitable setting for hot days. I ended up pushing the fan speed to 9 or 10 when I wasn't using air conditioning. 

The heater can do a fine job at keeping the temperature in control during typical Delhi winters. It is designed to circulate the hot air in a way that each corner of the room stays warm, which it does well. What’s particularly smart is that it’ll intelligently adjust its output based on the ambient temperature of the room – the temperature you set is what it aims to reach and maintain in the environment around it.

Switching between the two modes is as simple as a push of a button the remote. The red button is for hot and blue one for cool. 

For air purification, it has three sensors that analyze, PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs can be produced by paint varnishes, air fresheners, smoking and more. Essentially, the Cool Link takes care of dust, invisible pollutants and odors. 

The LED display shows all the information about the given pollutants and also measures the temperature and humidity of the room.

As for how noisy the fan is, that totally depends on the fan speed. At 10 (maximum) it is notably loud and constantly humming. But the sound is agreeable as it fades in the background after running constantly for a while.

Image credit- TechRadar

Image credit- TechRadar

Remote and App

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier has just one power button on the body, which means you are going to be depending on the remote or the Dyson Link app for direct controls. The remote has some extra buttons this time as it includes temperature controls, too.

Taking a tour of the remote and the app will essentially cover all the features of the fan. There's a power button which obviously turns the machine on and off, then tapping on the 'i' button cycles between the specific air quality details, filter life, connectivity and more. 

There's a dedicated button for hot fan and a blue button to switch to the cool mode. 'Auto' mode adjusts fan settings accustomed to the need of the room. The next button lets you adjust the swing of the fan between 45-degree, 90-degree, 180-degree and 350-degree. Then there's a button to switch between the main fan and diffuser mode. It also lets you set a timer so that the machine turns off after a given time. The last button is for 'Night mode' where the machine automatically switches to a lower fan speed so that there's no noise from the unit.

Note that the remote uses infrared, which means you will have to point it towards the machine to use. But that's not the case with the app, of course, you can access the machine's readings and operate it from any part of the world, provided that it's connected to the WiFi. 

Image credit- TechRadar

Image credit- TechRadar

The Dyson Link app is one of the finest companion apps I have used with an appliance. Much like the machine, the app looks good and feels really smooth. The app, essentially, is for in-depth details of the air quality in your room. It shows daily and weekly detailed air quality report in a graph form where it also displays PM10, PM2.5, NO2 and other details separately with time stamps.

The app also explains the data that's shared within the app. It defines what the ratings on the AQI (air quality index) scale mean. So if you're finding it difficult to understand what's being filtered and how harmful it is, the app has a comprehensive guide for all the terms used.

You can also access the remote on the app. While it does more or less the same things as the physical remote, there's a really cool option for oscillation control which helps you adjust the face of the fan towards a particular direction. Then there's another an app exclusive scheduling feature that allows you to create a weekly schedule to turn on the machine at specific times with your preferred settings. 

Last but not least, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool also has support for voice commands using Alexa. This mode doesn't just let you control the machine but you can also do much more. Some examples are-

Asking for feedback- "Alexa, ask Dyson purifier for the indoor humidity" or "Alexa, ask Dyson purifier for the outdoor air quality level".

Checking for maintenance- "Alexa, ask Dyson purifier what my remaining filter life is".

Understanding your machine- " Alexa, ask Dyson purifier to explain night mode" or "Alexa, ask Dyson purifier what it can do". 

Similarly, Alexa can answer about machine status and troubleshooting as well. 

Service and maintenance

When you're spending a big amount on a machine of this kind, you expect premium service and easy maintenance. Luckily, I got a chance to deal with the Dyson customer service for a small issue that I was facing and it's great to see how particular the company is about its services and quality. In my case, the request was heard and addressed on the same day without any hassle. 

Dyson sells activated carbon filter for Rs 2490, and the HEPA filter at the same price. Even if you change them once in 12 months, you will have to bear a cost of Rs 5000. Additionally, it is recommended that you clean the filters after every 15 days with a soft cloth or a tissue for best results.  


At Rs 54,900, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is undoubtedly an expensive machine, but not much for what it actually offers. Heating, cooling and air purification in one machine is expected to come for a price, especially when it's Dyson's patented technology and one of a kind design.

On top, the ease of use, service support and its feature-rich app experience justifies every extra penny you pay for it. Not everyone might need it, but those who can afford it will not regret buying it.

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