360fly review

360 shooting is set to be the next big innovation and while there are several multicam solutions, nothing comes close to the neat 360fly


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Video performance is limited to 360 capture and there is no ability to change this to a more familiar 16:9 HD etc format, but then this isn't what this camera is about.

The 360 video capture is impressive and although the quality doesn't match that of a standard GoPro camera the ability to move the footage in order to get a complete 360 degree view is impressive.

However, although the camera is called 360 this refers to the horizontal rotation, and obviously anything below the camera will not be captured. Vertically, the field of view is set to 240 degrees.

  • This sample video shows footage from the 360fly. Click and drag in the video to explore the 360-degree view – this is what makes the 360fly so special.
  • The 30fps limit is apparent when used to capture fast motion, and the softness around the edges of the frame is really highlighted in this short clip. However for the simplicity and ease of use there really is nothing else on the market like this.

As the camera is designed with the lens pointing up, the sharpest part of the footage is directly above the camera – but the usual point of interest in the footage is around the edges of the frame, and this is considerably softer and lacks the detail captured in the centre. This is unavoidable due to the design. It will be interesting to see if cameras such as the Nikon KeyMission 360 will address this issue with the two-lens approach later in the year.

Sharpness and detail aside, the quality of tone and colour is good, although again not as crisp as that from the GoPro.

The big selling point for the 360fly is the 360 degree video, and on this front the camera performs exceptionally well. Playback of the footage through the mobile and desktop app is good and gives you an immersive experience that just isn't possible with traditional single point of view video.

We liked

The 360Fly is unique in its approach and although it isn't the only 360 degree camera on the market, the design and simplicity of use make it the only real 360 option at present for the extreme sports enthusiast.

The design and build are excellent and although it's slightly larger and heavier than standard action cameras the solid mount design and inclusion of the GoPro mount adapter make the 360fly quick and easy to attach to almost any object or vehicle you could want.

At first, the fact that both the memory and battery are sealed within and can't be swapped is worrying and is in stark contrast to every other decent action camera on the market. However, in practice the internal storage and power is enough to capture a good two hours of continual footage. This amount of time for most days is more than enough, especially when it comes to editing later.

The small dock design is well is thought through and although it does mean that you need to carry around the dock and cable it's small and light enough not to worry about too much.

The 360fly is a well rounded first generation device, and the company has done incredibly well to make sure that everything is kept simple and works, rather than trying to add in additional features that over-complicate a new genre of video.

We disliked

There is a lack of settings adjustments, with no ability to change the resolution in camera or video modes.

The small mic hole on the side that needs plugging if you're using the camera in water is an issue, as over time that small plug is very likely to get lost or may even fail in use. If the 360fly didn't have the 360 video ability then the quality of the footage would be an issue too, there's a high level of softening at the edges of the frame and overall the video lacks detail and quality.


Final verdict

As with the DJI OSMO, the 360fly is an action camera with a difference, and one that enables you to capture your perspective of the world in a way that just isn't possible with any other device at the price. The stylised geometric design makes the camera itself one of the best looking devices on the market. In use, the camera does exactly what it is designed to do and although the video quality isn't anywhere near as good as the likes of the GoPro, the ability to look around a scene adds a dimension that definitely makes it worth owning. Compared to other 360 degree devices already on the market, the 360fly is by far the most complete and well designed all-in-one solution.

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