technika 32 270


Most cheap small TVs sound rubbish when you try to make them go loud, but – oddly – the 32-270's speakers seem tuned to perform better with the volume cranked up, sounding much richer and fuller than they do at normal or lower levels.


Being able to get a 32-inch TV of any sort for £279 is remarkable, but the 32-270 manages to offer passable performance and some decent multimedia tools, so it's definitely a bargain. It's probably best thought of as a second-room option, though; you should spend a bit more on your front-room set if possible.

Ease of use

You'd think that a TV with so few features would be a straightforward to use, but it's frequently frustrating.

The main reason for this is the remote control, which is a nasty combination of poor build quality, under-sized keys and an unhelpful layout.

The onscreen menus are mind-numbingly drab, too, and despite their total lack of sophistication, still manage to feel sluggish.

The only really positive thing to report in this section is that the set's Freeview Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) makes a virtue of its simplicity, being easy to follow and sensibly organised.