technika 32 270

The first thing that strikes you after taking the 32-270 out of its glossy and colourful box is that it's not as offensive to the eye as most other bargain TVs. It won't cause Loewe's design department many sleepless nights, but its finish is shiny enough to distract you from the lack of sculpting flourishes and it feels unusually robust for a budget set.

Connections are more par for the price, with just a pair of HDMIs for digital/HD sources. However, a D-Sub input enables the TV to function as a PC monitor, while a USB port promises multimedia playback.

Neither of the latter options can be taken for granted on a budget TV, but the 32-270 not only offers both, but also goes the extra mile by permitting video and music file playback via the USB port as well as JPEG photos.

Looking for other features within the 32-270's onscreen menus and on its spec sheet, though, brings you back down to Earth with a bump.

The sole tuner is for standard-def Freeview, the claimed contrast ratio is a modest 3,000:1 and there are practically no picture adjustments worthy of the name beyond the most basic ones common to all TVs. Nor do there appear to be any video processing systems aside from a basic scaling engine for converting standard-def footage to the screen's full HD resolution.