technika 32 270

The Technika 32-270 is probably the closest thing yet to a 'disposable' 32-inch TV, by which we mean that it's affordable enough to be something you could consider slinging in a shopping trolley as an impulse purchase.

Unsurprisingly, this extreme cheapness comes with some performance strings attached, such as motion blur, average black levels and over-aggressive colours, but these things are all par for the course with budget sets and the 32-270 avoids many of the usual pitfalls.

It also offers a fuller feature count than you've any right to expect for such a puny amount of money, with its ability to double up as a PC monitor, making it even more attractive to your wallet.

We liked

The 32-270 is remarkably cheap for a 32-inch TV, but it looks better than you'd expect for such a price.

It also surprises by offering not only PC connectivity but also playback of photo, music and video files from USB devices and its performance is superior to most ultra-cheap sets.

We disliked

The 32-270's picture quality falls short of what you'd expect to see from a (more expensive) entry level set from a bigger brand, with its colours and motion handling in particular leaving something to be desired.

Black areas of the picture also look a little unnatural and the audio is feeble unless you crank the volume up to potentially uncomfortable levels.

Final verdict

The 32-270 doesn't have quite enough going for it in performance terms to be worth considering as your main household TV. This is probably to be expected, though, given how remarkably cheap it is.

Where the 32-270 certainly could win you over, though, is its suitability for more casual or occasional use in a bedroom or kitchen, where it offers a few more inches of picture for your budget than you might have thought possible.

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