Technics Premium C700 review

The legendary Japanese hi-fi brand is reinvented for the high resolution audio age

Technics Premium C700 Network Audio System
The legend returns...

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The Technics Premium C700 is a high-end audio system for new age audiophiles.

Beautifully designed, it plays the posh card well but can rock out when required too, just don't expect histrionics. It's at its best with 24-bit hi-res sound sources, but does a remarkable job cleaning up low bit rate fare when you want to slum it.

Design and build quality are sumptuous.

Technics Premium C700

We Liked

Technics has produced a very capable and clever hi-fi system. The Premium C700 manages to tip a hat to the brand's enviable heritage in audio, yet it feels fundamentally futuristic.

With solid file support, first class app, and an innate musicality that you simply won't hear from multiroom music systems de jour, it successfully recreates the magic of two-channel listening.

We Disliked

Expect to pay a price premium for this up-market network audio system.

The soundstage offers oodles of clarity and is an easy, unfatiguing listen, but if you're looking for high volume pyrotechnics, well, that's something else entirely.

Final verdict

Timing is everything. Technic's C700 system has it in spades, effortlessly musical regardless of your chosen genre.

The accuracy and articulation of the SU-C700 amplifier and SU-T700 network player had me revisiting old favourites and eager to explore new musical frontiers.

They also look the part. These are statement electronics so smart you'll need to upgrade the rest of your pad to match.

The Technics relaunch is also well timed. With high resolution audio finding genuine traction (when Iron Maiden remaster their entire back catalogue you know things are moving in the right direction), there are tangible benefits to be had from reinvesting in classic stereo separates like these.

Minor caveats aside, I rate the C700 a luscious example of hi-fi luxe.

Steve May
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