New iOS 18 leak may have revealed all the new AI powers Siri is getting

Two iPhones on a blue background showing Siri and Shortcuts
Siri is set for a major upgrade in iOS 18 (Image credit: Apple)

It's Apple's WWDC 2024 event on Monday, June 10, when it'll tell us all about its upcoming software updates: and a major new leak has revealed some details of Siri's new capabilities in iOS 18, to add to numerous earlier rumors.

This comes from sources speaking to AppleInsider, who have listed a lot of the new actions Siri will be able to take. We've previously heard lots about Siri's iOS 18 upgrade, said to involve plenty of extra AI, but this new report adds a pile of additional details.

First there's a list of iOS apps Siri will be better able to interact with, and it's pretty much all of them: Books, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Files, Freeform, Keynote, Mail, Magnifier, News, Notes, Photos, Reminders, Safari, Stocks, and Voice Memos, as well as the main Settings app on iOS.

When it comes to Settings, it sounds as though Siri is going to be able to dig deeper than ever before. It'll be able to open settings for display brightness, the home screens, and the app library for example, according to AppleInsider. We've also previously heard rumors that the Settings app is getting a redesign with iOS 18.

Actions and AI

Apple Mail

Expect changes to Mail and many other apps (Image credit: Hilalabdullah / Shutterstock)

AppleInsider has listed a whole host of new actions that Siri's going to be able to take care of, from opening ebooks to setting camera timers, from setting slide titles to unsubscribing from email newsletters. In Notes, it'll apparently be able to manage folders and tags, while in Photos it'll be able to organize albums and apply filters.

Siri will be able create watchlists in Stocks, lists in Reminders, and recordings in Voice Memos for example, according to the leak. It would seem Siri will get deeper hooks into all of these apps, meaning you can take care of more actions via voice control.

As for the AI-related tasks, there are plenty of these too: Siri will be able to summarize emails and email threads, generate smart replies to emails, sort emails into categories, transcribe and summarize text notes, enhance photos, summarize websites, summarize notifications, and more.

Some of these features have leaked before, but this is the most comprehensive list we've seen yet. It suggests there's a lot of news coming on June 10 when WWDC gets underway, and we'll be covering the whole event live. Here's how to watch along.

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