Google promises to improve its Find My Device network – but won't say when it will

Two Android phones on a yellow background showing Google's new Find My Device network
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Google’s recently rolled out Find My Device network came with bold promises that it could help you find not only your lost Android phone but a range of items with the help of third-party trackers from the likes of Chipolo and Pebblebee (we recommended a couple in the most recent episode of our podcast). But users have found that the system leaves a little to be desired – especially when using these third-party tags.

In response to tests performed by 9to5Google, Google has responded by saying that the company is “actively working to roll out enhancements” that should improve its Find My Device network “over the coming weeks.”

It goes on to add that one short-term solution for Bluetooth tag users is to go into their Find My Device network settings and change their tags to “With network in all areas,” which should “help improve the network’s ability to find their lost items in lower-traffic areas.”

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One improved tracking feature we can hopefully look forward to soon is AR-powered ultra-wideband (UWB)-tracking – which would be pretty similar to Apple’s AirTagPrecision Finding” feature. This tool is particularly useful when locating trackers and devices around your home as you get visual indicators of where it should be hiding.

Motorola’s new Google Find My Device network-compatible Moto Tag includes UWB tech for precision tracking, but UWB isn’t yet a part of Android’s network. This suggests it will be soon though, with Motorola looking to future-proof its devices, and the company confirming as much saying that UWB support will be "available upon future Android integration by Google."

However, we’ll have to wait and see when these so-called “enhancements” such as UWB-tracking actually roll out to the Find My Device service. Hopefully, when they do we’ll finally see Find My Device live up to the hype.

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