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Griffin PowerJolt review

Charge up your iPod in your car

The PowerJolt is a useful, well made product

Our Verdict

A straightforward box of charging cables for powering iPods while you drive along


  • Effective and easy to use


  • The iTrip should be included in the package

The PowerJolt is a standard power adaptor that works with your car’s cigarette lighter socket and comes with two USB cables to power all manner of gadgets. One of the cables is a dedicated iPod charger with a Universal Dock.

On the radio

The other is a USB mini-B cable, which will dock with a few iPod accessories including Griffin’s popular iTrip FM transmitter for iPods (not included). This means the PowerJolt can power the iPod when docked with an iTrip, so you can transmit songs to your car radio and while also charging.

To be frank, the iTrip should be sold with this charging cable anyway, but it’s nice to be able to pick it up in this pack.

The maximum current is 2 amps with an output voltage of 5.2 volts per amp. It charged our iPod with no bother at all. The output from the adaptor is a standard USB coupling while two grips clamp the adaptor to the sides of the lighter socket. Even when the iPod slipped off the dashboard the adaptor stayed in place. A useful, well made product.