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Burning Love Pod Pouch review

The unusual iPod case that'll turn a few heads

Our Verdict

One of the most unique iPod cases we've seen so far. Impress your mates. If you dare


  • Protects you iPod. 'Nuff said

    It's an unusual design


  • It's an unusual design

Well, it makes a change from leather. Burning Love has decided that the best way to keep your iPod safe is in a furry posing pouch that wouldn't look out of place keeping your winky warm on a winter's evening. We're actually inclined to agree; the leopard-fluff pouch sent to us was extremely snug around our precious pods. Steady.

The soft lining ensures that no grit will violate your iPod's precious screen, provided you're careful sliding your player in and out of it, of course. This design is in no way the company's most bizarre though... aside from animal prints and corduroy, we found a little number called the Furry Fuzzball on Burning Love's site, which looks like a particularly unkempt merkin.

Either way, they are well manufactured, reasonably affordable iPod cases, which keep your screen protected more than a bogstandard flip-top affair. Definitely worth a goosey gander. PC Format Staff