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Viewsonic PJ258D iPod Projector review

Podcasts on the wall? Are you mad?

The Viewsonic PJ258D is portable, good-looking, and does its job admirably

Our Verdict

Whether running HD video, hi-res gaming or blocky iPod gubbins, the Viewsonic PJ258D is a beaut


  • Very sleek design

    Highly portable

    The iPod dock works!


  • Runs unbelievably hot

This is the way to roll. I'm playing PES6 at a crisp resolution on my wall. OK, so it's one of those woodchip-finish wallpapers, but that hardly matters when it's this bright and beautiful.

And bright and beautiful it is. Inevitably, the sunny day is the bane of the projected image, but the brightness and contrast ratio of the PJ258D, while fairly standard at this price point, are nonetheless effective.

Natively, it looks fine, and it even works well at 1280 x 1024, with only occasional issues in the text reading department. To test this, I obviously had to spend a little time playing Football Manager 2007 in giganto-screen mode. Y'know, for research purposes. It's not that I have a galloping addiction...

The PJ258D's iPod dock, allowing you to blow up iPod content to a ridiculous extent. We were expecting the low-res video to make us queasy, but it was better than we expected.

There are projectors out there with better specs at this price, offering real rather than simulated high-def playback. But the PJ258D is portable, good-looking, and does its job admirably.