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M&S school uniforms - with iPod support

The hidden iPod outfit
The hidden iPod outfit

UK retailer Marks and Spencer seems to think children have a rough time of it in today's school, what with the ridiculously easy GCSEs and A-Levels, and the lack of discipline.

So it has decided to add a pocket into this year's school uniforms that allows kids to 'securely contain an iPod'.

Undercover music

And not only that, this superpocket also helps conceal the wires for ease on the move, and has hidden controls for handling the devices.

Why not go the whole hog and turn the garments into Bluetooth hotspots, thereby eliminating the wires altogether?

Actually, why not go one step further and implant flash memory into the BRAINS of children so they can listen to music without being caught?

And the genius of this idea is that bullies can't steal other kid's iPods unless, of course, they steal the entire child.

Anyway, M&S is offering blazers and coats with this 'innovative' technology, should you feel your kids' clothes aren't modified enough already.