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Nissan Bluetooth iPod dongle for car sat-nav

Japanese Nissan drivers who are lucky enough to own the company's high-end Carwings sat-nav system now have a further means to distract their attention from the road thanks to an in-car Bluetooth transmitter for their iPods.

The ¥7,800 (£33) iPod Bluetooth Transmitter (apparently the best name they could come up with) has been created for Nissan by mobilecast and is available now. It may hook up to the sophisticated hard-drive based Carwings system entirely wirelessly, but that, of course, means it is incapable of charging the player.

Available in either black or white and for any iPod with a dock connector, the mobilecast device is most likely to be used to keep younger passengers quiet on long journeys by offering them the in-car equivalent of a remote control for the stereo.