YouTube's HDR support has finally rolled out to Samsung's 2016 TVs

YouTube has supported HDR for just over a month now, but aside from the recently released Chromecast Ultra it’s been hard to find a device that actually supports YouTube’s new feature. 

That’s now beginning to change with an update to Samsung’s 2016 Quantum Dot and UHD televisions, which allows the built-in YouTube app to display the swanky new technology. 

It’s still early days for YouTube’s HDR efforts, but as time goes on we expect more devices to enable support. Virgin Media’s new Virgin TV V6 box will also support the new standard when it launches next year. 

Limited support

No word yet on which other television and set-top box manufacturers will be supporting the standard, but we can’t imagine they’ll be far behind given the excitement surrounding the new standard.

If you’ve got a compatible television and you want to try out the new content, you can check out YouTube’s dedicated HDR section. The video service will also be promoting HDR videos to promote the new feature.

HDR is a new technology that expands the range of brightnesses a television is capable of displaying. Blacks are darker, whites are brighter, and consequently images have more depth and detail in their brightest and darkest areas. 

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Jon Porter

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