Your next MacBook Pro will have a Magic Toolbar, according to trademark filings

It's been a while since MacBook fans had anything to get excited about, but all the signs are pointing to new Apple-branded laptops appearing on 27 October. There's even a special event in Cupertino and everything.

What's less certain is what these new MacBooks and/or MacBook Pro 2016s are going to look like. There have previously been rumours of an updated keyboard with a customisable OLED bar running along the top, and now the bar has a name.

It's going to be called the Magic Toolbar, according to The Trademark Ninja, who has spotted a suspicious trademark filing based on a bit of detective work. The suggestion is that Apple is behind it, even though a different dummy corporation is listed.

The keys, the secret

It would certainly make sense considering Apple already puts "magic" in front of a lot of its kit, like keyboards and mice. For a completely different company to get away with nabbing "Magic Toolbar" when Apple has magicked everything else is unlikely.

What's more, the same lawyers listed on the Magic Toolbar application were also involved the one for AirPods, so draw your own conclusions.

In a week's time, we should know for sure. The Magic Toolbar, if that's the name, is said to feature hotkeys that can be configured by users - you could set one up to launch an app, for example, or to handle a repetitive copy-and-paste operation.

As usual, we'll bring you all the news as it happens on the 27th.

  • Leaks also suggest that a Surface PC is on the way
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