Your Apple Watch could soon guide you through a gentle walking workout

Apple Watch for running
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Voice-guided walking workouts could soon arrive on Apple Watch, according to hints discovered in the latest iOS beta release. Screenshots suggest that the feature could also be arriving on Apple Fitness Plus in the near future.

The option was spotted by user Khaos Tian, based in California, who noticed a new workout type in iOS 14.4 beta called 'Time to walk', which can be added to a connected Apple Watch.

"Time to Walk workouts are downloaded when Apple Watch is connected to power and near your iPhone," reads the accompanying text. "Completed workouts are deleted automatically."

As PocketLint suggests, this new function could be similar to the existing Time to Stand alerts, which prompt you to move around for at least one minute every hour, and Time to Roll for people who use wheelchairs. 

Alternatively, as 9to5Mac theorises, they might be guided audio workouts rather than simple prompts to stretch your legs for a while. Since they have to be downloaded to your watch, it's possible that they include an audio file that's played while you stroll.

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Delving through the beta code, 9to5Mac also discovered references to 'WORKOUT_GUIDED_WALK’, strengthening this suspicion.

There are also references to Apple Fitness Plus, which currently lacks any outdoor workouts. It's not clear how guided walks might be linked to the new exercise subscription service, or whether it'll be necessary to have a Fitness Plus account in order to use them, though.

It will be interesting to see how Apple Fitness Plus develops over the coming months. Similar services (such as Peloton) are focused entirely on indoor activities, so if Apple chooses to enter the great outdoors, it could have a valuable edge over its rivals.

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