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You can now get Amazon’s Alexa in your car

We’ve had great fun using Amazon Echo at home, but now you can bring the clever voice assistant into your vehicle with the Logitech ZeroTouch

The ZeroTouch is a dashboard and air-vent mount for your Android smartphone (sorry iPhone owners) that allows you to use the Alexa voice assistant when driving. 

While the mounts are required to use Alexa in-car, all the work is done by the free ZeroTouch app on your phone – in short, the mount just unlocks the capabilities of the application. 

Look mum, no hands

To interact with Alexa all you need to do is hold your hand over the front of your phone to trigger the assistant. From there you can ask it the same things as you would with Amazon Echo at home. 

That means up to the minute traffic reports, news bulletins and if the kids are misbehaving in the back you can always ask Alexa to “open the magic door” to keep them occupied with a choose your own adventure. 

The ZeroTouch app also integrates with core smartphone functions including texts, calls, music and navigation – allowing you to control all of these with your voice. 

The Zerotouch air vent mount will cost you $59.99 (£49.99), while the bulkier dashboard mount comes in at $79.99 (£59.99) - which feels a little expensive for a simple car mount, but it's the technology in the app that you're really paying for.

For those with iPhones, Logitech tells us that it is working on an app for you - so stay tuned!