Xiaomi explains why a customer’s Redmi Note 7 Pro exploded

(Image credit: Future)

Smartphone-caused accidents have greatly decreased in the last few years, with manufacturers emphasizing on better components and safer products. But, that still doesn’t make them invincible. Take this case of the exploding Redmi Note 7 Pro for example.

Recently, 91mobiles reported of a person from Gurgaon whose phone spontaneously exploded. Vikesh Kumar had purchased his Redmi Note 7 Pro in December and had been using it since. One day, he reported that the phone got uncomfortably hot and he had to pull it out of his pocket. He quickly saw smoke emerge from the device, which soon exploded and caught fire. 

He reached his workplace with the phone at about 90% battery. However, it quickly started getting warm and he threw it at his bag which was lying nearby. Just about then, the device exploded and also destroyed the bag. He even adds that a delay of even five seconds would have put him at risk.

(Image credit: Vikesh Kumar)

Kumar approached the local Xiaomi service center, which explained that the explosion was an unnatural incident and even blamed him for the mishap. Disappointed at the response, he shared the story on social media. He even explained that he only used the included Redmi Note 7 Pro charger. The service center asked him to shell out almost 50% of the device’s cost to get a replacement unit.

However, once the issue escalated, Xiaomi explained how the device already had physical damage which might have lowered the battery’s integrity. “The case has been resolved amicably with the customer, ensuring full satisfaction of the consumer. We deeply care for our consumers and are providing all necessary assistance,” Xiaomi said in a statement.

Our smartphones are complex machines and call for careful usage. While they have undoubtedly become safer, it’s always better to take all the necessary precautions that can cause actual physical damage.

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